corporate design & identity
advertising & communication
design & brand consulting

  • analysis of the brand
  • definition of the brand
  • orientation of the brand
  • brand strategy development
  • conception of corporate design
  • execution of cd based on quality standards of init_cd
  • configuration of all mail shots
  • conception and realization of communication design
  • consulting for design or redesign process
  • consulting for company- or product-branding

I have been working in the sectors graphics and communication design for now more than 16 years.


after studying advertising in Walter Lürzer’s master class I earned awards and experience, working with almost all of austrias biggest design and advertising agencies as well as for my own clients. Over the years, my focus changed towards conception and creation of corporate design and brand strategy development. since strong brands are the only way to optain consumer attention and lasting success in a time of perfect competition and unfiltered information on all channels and the media.


strong logos and famous brands create worlds and influence us in our daily perception. we connect emotions,

values and situations in life with them. at best we identify ourselves, over a certain period of time,

with an image that was strategically or randomly linked to brands and their brand equity. today it is hard or nearly impossible to escape that.


as a supplier (regardless of whether for service or merchandise of any kind) the internal perspective is often impaired. one is profoundly convinced of the own product which makes it impossible to objectively evaluate the consumers perception and doesn't put enough attention into the creation of the own brand either.


great corporate design is often exactly what makes the difference and it needs more than just a pretty,
randomly picked symbol. beauty is subjective. consequent and logic brand development such as informative design however are understandable and much less vulnerable and support the success of your product for the long haul.

as freelancer and freelance art director I had the opportunity to work in small and big ad agencies for several clients and supervise many renowned projects throughout the last twelve years.

a1 telekom austria

alfa group international

alpine palace

austrian airlines


bali yoga wien

bäckerei der mann

beverly hills

bmw & mini österreich*


bp austria*

brot cuisine

canned moments


diamond aircrafts

duran sandwiches


energiepark bruck

engelpekar russia

esarom international


galerie kitzbühel





licht ins dunkel*



marny invest luxembourg


mawe fleischverarbeitung


media markt (pl/ch)*




österreichische post

passt gut


red bull mobile

sasha walleczek




taxi 31300

t-mobile austria

thurn&taxis sparkling

universität wien







with * marked artwork was developed at demner, merlicek & bergmann

mag. alan galekovic
approved member of init_cd. the only
austrian designer-association focusing
on quality standards in corporate design.



should you wish any more information
about me or would like to request my
CV please don´t hesitate to contact me:


zinckgasse 22/68
1150 wien/austria
STNR 108/9571
ATU 61825546

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